First Weds each month: 8p-9p
Ravenswood Location


Beginners Course Overview

At Choyokan Chicago (Ravenswood), beginning classes are the first Wednesdays of each month at 8P. The cost is $60/month. After 4-6 weeks, or depending on class progression, you can join regular practices - Wed, Fri 8P, and Sun 12:30P (South Loop) for the same $60/mo.  The goal of the Wednesday beginners class is to get students up to speed so they can move into practice with the regular class without disrupting it or without having to separate out instructors from regular class.. All you need is comfortable clothes (t-shirt/shorts or sweats) and a shinai - you can buy one from, order size 37 for pre-teens, 38 for teens and women and 39 for adult men.  They are all quality shinai on that site, so an inexpensive complete one is fine - be careful they also just sell the bamboo, you will need a complete one - or you can buy one from us ($20). Please bring a shinai (if you need one) to the first session.

Classes are sequential, so if you know you cannot attend all of the first few classes, wait and join during a month when you can.

After 4-8 months of regular practice we will help you choose bogu (armor) to buy - usually from a online retailer ($600-$800+). There are cheaper sets available, but they are not very durable or protective and are not recommended.

Course Outline

Week 1

Reiho (Etiquette)
Kamae (stance)
Ashi sabaki (footwork)
Basic suburi

Week 2

Review and refine lessons from Week 1
Refining suburi
Basic kihon

Week 3

Review and refine past lessons
More kihon

Week 4 - 6

Review of kirikaeshi
Main class participation with a Sensei “shepherd” assisting


Adult Practice

Weds/Fri: 8p - 10p
Ravenswood Location


Every Wednesday and Friday.  The EXCEPTION is there is no practice the third Friday of each month.  New beginners are welcome on the first Wednesday of the month


Adult and Children Practice

Sat: 4:30p - 7p
Des Plains Location


Includes both Adult and Children.  Focus more on basics and drills. 


Adult Practice

Sun: 12:30p - 2p
South Loop Location


Adult Practice with Bogu (Armor)