About Kendo

Kendo, the Japanese martial art of swordsmanship, is more of a self-discipline rather than a self-defense. Its practices are vigorous and demanding; the art is challenging and fun to learn. If you are a person seeking a "way" to self development, and not merely trophies, Kendo training may be for you.  Kendo is practiced by over 2 million participants worldwide.

Choyokan Kendo Dojo began approximately 40 years ago and has over 9 high level sensei (5th Degree Black Belts aka "Dan" or higher) who are instructors.  Choyokan is known for its senior level instructors and clean martial art style.  The Chief Instructor is Sakamoto Sensei (7th Dan).  He is the only 7th Dan Kendoka in Chicago and one of the most senior sensei in the Midwest Kendo Federation. 

Choyokan welcomes all participants, including children.


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