Yutaka Miyazaki Sensei

Sachio Maeda Sensei

Sakamoto Sensei (Current Head Instructor)

Sakamoto Sensei (Current Head Instructor)


The Choyokan Kendo Dojo was established in 1979 and is a nonprofit organization registered with the State of Illinois.  Founded by Yutaka Miyazaki Sensei, the Dojo has slowly grown due largely to the efforts of Miyazaki Sensei and a core group of students. The Dojo is now fortunate to have hosted several guest Sensei over the years from Japan and other parts of the world.

A little history for those of you who may not be familiar with how Choyokan started.  Miyazaki Sensei founded Choyokan about 38 years ago, a couple years after he arrived in Chicago.  The original dojo was on Belmont Avenue downtown.  After a few years, Saturday classes were added in the suburbs, initially in Skokie. Miyazaki Sensei returned to Japan about 23 years ago to work and turned over Choyokan to his students, who incorporated Choyokan as a not-for-profit corporation.  We were most fortunate to have Sachio Maeda sensei (see picture on the left) join us from Chicago Kendo Dojo at that time.  He was the Head instructor until his passing in 2010.

The original Senseis felt teaching children the etiquette and skills of kendo were important.  This attitude is pervasive in the Choyokan teachers.  Choyokan has always been known for honest kendo with strong etiquette.  We hope that everyone will enjoy the exploration of kendo with us.

Choyokan is a member of the Midwest Kendo Federation (MWKF)and affiliated with the All United States Kendo Federation (AUSKF) and the International Kendo Federation (IKF).



Ken Sakamoto, 7 dan Kyoshi - Head Instructor

Kotaro Yoshida,  7 dan Renshi - Guest Instructor

Keisuke Hori, 6 dan Renshi - Instructor

Kenichi Hatakeyama,  6 dan Renshi - Guest Instructor

Zia Uddin, 6 dan Instructor

Tomohiko Hayashi, 6 dan Instructor

Dale Umeki, 5 dan Instructor

Richard Tizzard, 5 dan - Guest Instructor

Kenichi Okada, 5 dan Instructor